Every day can be a good day...

in the PICU!

Whether you are expecting your miracle baby, seeking to celebrate between hospital walls, or treasuring final moments, Carmen's Miracle Makers is here for you. 

Allow us to equip you with resources, provide you with tangible ways to bond with your child, and bring you comfort in the hospital and beyond.

Request a box for the Miracle in your life by contacting us today. Boxes can be shipped anywhere in the United States!


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For the Miracle In Your Life

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Helping Heart Warriors

CMM has pioneered a unique

Heart Warrior Gift Bag

bringing comfort, celebration, and unique care

to each family anticipating heart surgery for their baby.

These pink bags are part of the ever-expanding patient care initiative we provide to CMM's partnering Children's Hospitals across the United States.

Full of resources, gifts of hope, and insightful aids- CMM Heart Warrior Bags provide:

Patient Care that Rises Above...

When a Tiny Heart Needs Lots of Love!