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The Inspiration

Carmen Grace Hatcher lived in the PICU for 194 days...

During that time, she taught me to fight fear and darkness with joy and light! Usually that light came from the excitement of executing weekly photoshoots! 

Taking photos was one small way I could be Carmen's mommy instead of trying to be her nurse. These photoshoots took strategic planning that included getting her bathed and dressed. It also inspired me to turn her PICU room into a beautiful work of art! An atmosphere that benefited us and her caregivers alike! 

These photoshoots helped me to bond with Carmen and give her identity. She was no longer just another patient, but she was Carmen. 

Some days were easy to celebrate and others I forced myself to find joy anyway. Carmen taught me to always look for something good in each day and if I couldn't find it, I was to create it myself!

Carmen lived 30 blissfully short days outside of the PICU before she was taken to her eternal home. In her legacy, we are inspiring parents to strive to celebrate every day and make life inside the PICU a little more beautiful.

-Sydney Hatcher

Carmen's full story has been published with hundreds of copies sold! Each book purchased supports this organization!

Inspiration: Who We Are
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Every picture tells a story

I will hold your chapters in my arms forever.

Inspiration: Welcome
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