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Created in honor of Carmen

& the Miracle Families of CMM

Written by: Sydney Hatcher


$3.00 of every purchase directly supports Carmen's Miracle Makers.


Carmen "The PICU Baby"
A Journey of Medicine & Miracles

This is the story of my daughter, Carmen, who lived in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Fairfax Hospital. She was born at 34 weeks gestation after a fairly normal pregnancy. Four days after birth, Carmen received the first of many diagnoses that altered her life forever. Despite her health challenges, Carmen became the one who truly altered lives. This is Carmen's story, but it will forever be my song.


Still Fighting
Battles of A Bereaved Parent

If you are overwhelmed with grief or if you are seeking to assist someone else throughout their grief journey, Still Fighting provides outlets of self reflection, prayer and planning, and profound prospective as you conquer your battles as a bereaved parent.


And if You Can't

Inclusive and comforting. The last story I wish I could have read to my daughter before she entered heaven. A story filled with enchanted endurance gracefully given by a caregiver and the lesser known tail of lovingly letting go.

Books: Meet the Team

And if You Can't

By: Sydney Hatcher

Words of relentless love and inspiration through sorrow… The comforting story 'And if You Can't' has been brought to life in this personal video. In honor of Infant Loss Awareness Month and all the parents, siblings, and caregivers who have lovingly learned to let go- You are seen. Your love will always be enough.

To work on this project alongside all three of my children has been healing. To speak these words and share my voice with the world has been life-giving. To see the emptiness and fullness of my loss, frame-by-frame, is validating. I pray mourning hearts everywhere see themselves in this story. I pray human worth is measured vastly greater than by one’s ever-fleeting capabilities. I pray this book reminds you that perfect love has no ending.

Books: Video
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