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Carmen's Never-ending Story

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"She May Not Survive Surgery..."


“She smiled at me as I caressed her brown locks from the comfort of our couch. It was June and the sunlight sent sparkles dancing across her dark eyes, portals to the wisdom inside of her. I traced the scars on her chest and exhaled. ‘You did it, baby girl! You really did it. You came home.’


I Wasn't Prepared to Love You or To Lose You


I remember the first day I felt uncontrollable grief.
You were four days old, and I received the first of nine consecutive phone calls explaining your complexities.
Heart, brain, kidneys, mouth, spine, genes . . .
Every piece of you seemed mismatched and unfinished.
Tainted, I clawed to hold onto normalcy. Around every corner, another dead end.


Diagnosis: Never Seen Before

Carmen Grace Hatcher

Carmen's condition published in a medical journal

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